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NELIS aims to create a "network of action" comprising thousands, or more, next generation leaders working on a diverse array of sustainability issues in their respective fields and places of residence.

We will create and provide tools and resources enabling NELIS members to learn/share, communicate/engage and collaborate/co-create. At the same time, we are hoping to share the visions, thoughts and actions of NELIS members with a wider audience, inspiring and urging larger sections of society to act for sustainability.

At present, we are working on four workstreams that emerged from our first Global Gathering in October 2015.

  1. Global Gathering incl. Sustainability Leaders' Summit
    An annual gathering of NELIS members (early to mid-career sustainability practitioners) with two components:
    1. A Sustainability Leaders' Summit engaging universities, corporations and the media (setting a new agenda),
    2. Network Strategy Sessions: closed sessions for NELIS members to co-develop the activities of the network.
  2. Survey on Global Outlook of Next Generation Leaders
    A survey reaching out to 200+ Next Generation Leaders from six continents to learn about their needs and views of the world in the next ten years. The outcome of this survey will be presented at NELIS Global Gathering 2017 and, after this event, be made publicly available.
  3. NELIS Innovation Lab
    NELIS Innovation Lab is an online platform that connects next generation leaders all around the world and provides tools for collaboration and co- creation of projects for transformative action. The tools it offers are outlined below:

    Collaborative platform: Each member is free to post projects and ask other members for general or specific suggestions, feedbacks, opinions etc.

    Dialogue Forums: Open space for dialogues around themes proposed by NELIS or by members. 

    Co-Creation Platform: Members can work together in new projects/ideas that emerge from conversations and common interests.
  4. NELIS Dojo for Transformative Leadership
    A space (first online, later possibly also offline) for next generation leaders to develop their skills as transformative leaders (Dojo comes from Japanese and means "a space for learning through practice").

Your ideas are most welcome! If you have any creative proposals or ideas, send us an e-mail and we will use this as an input in brainstorming and strategy sessions.