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Our Mission

NELIS stands for both "Next Leaders' Initiative for Sustainability" and "Network for Innovation and Leadership in Sustainability." In Japanese, we call it "a global network of next generation leaders."

Our mission is two-fold: (1) connecting and empowering next generation leaders, and (2) influencing society through transformative leadership and co-creative action.

Modern civilization is facing a number of overarching challenges threatening the livelihoods of people around the world and the vitality of both social and natural systems. There is a need for "next generation leadership" with the willingness to make decisions on the basis of sustainability – that is, to give social and environmental considerations at least equal weight with other factors when decisions are made in politics, business, trade, finance, civil society, agriculture and other key sectors of society.

NELIS aims to create a global network of and for "next generation leaders" in a multitude of fields, who actively share ideas and collaborate to strengthen their capabilities as agents for change. Our inaugural Global Gathering in 2015 had 25 participants, in 2017, the number will be 35, and in 2018, 50. In the meantime, network resources will be developed and the internet used to extend the reach of NELIS. By autumn 2018, NELIS will have established itself as a vibrant global network of next generation leaders, and, by 2020, have helped inspire and generate genuine change for sustainability in various locations around the world. This year, 2020, is reflected in our website address.